Each Rivers of Recovery trip hosts six combat veterans on a four-day, science-based, experiential rehabilitation program focusing on confidence building, outdoor activities, and talk therapy.

The ROR program impacts the current rehabilitation landscape—changing the way PTS is treated for hundreds of thousands of active-duty military and veterans. Our goal is to provide a crucial step in maximizing our participants’ reintegration and contributions to their families, communities, and society.

Immersion in nature can make us aware of not only our relationship with our natural environment, but also our relationships with each other.

Outdoor programming like the fly-fishing outings conducted by Rivers of Recovery offer the potential to emphasize both social and physical environments and the role each plays in fostering health and resilience. The connections between healthy ecology and healthy humans are articulated by eco-psychologists who argue that what we need as people to be mentally healthy is much the same as our planet needs. Contact with nature, and acts of caring for nature, can therefore inform efforts to address the risk and adversity some veterans may face, as has been discovered by participants through the Rivers of Recovery program.

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Each Rivers of Recovery trip hosts six to ten combat veterans on a four-day, science-based, experiential rehabilitation program that focuses on confidence-building, outdoor activities, talk therapy in a relaxed, positive environment and proven techniques on the self-management of symptoms, stressors and responses. Through fly fishing, instruction increases self-confidence, skill-improvement builds empowerment, and achievement facilitates enthusiasm and resiliency. During the fishing day, participants apply newfound skills on the river, demonstrate ability and build confidence. The social interaction among participants reinforces a sense of success, empowerment and a reconnection to self.

All fishing is done with professionally licensed guides from specially designed drift boats. The program is low-impact, requires very little walking and does not require participants to get wet.

Through philanthropic contributions, Rivers of Recovery trips are free to the participant, with $2,500 covering airfare, lodging, guiding/instruction, meals and research study.